“What a great sense of style . . . and incredible control of the voice.  But the most impressive thing was that [he] still sound[s] like a man, not a man imitating a woman which is key . . . It's very impressive what [he does].  Bravo!”

~Gregory Kunde, Metropolitan Opera, La Scala 

“His excellent musicianship and interpretative specificity combine with a strong vocal endowment and robust stage presence to generate performances that are presently bringing him to the attention of colleagues who specialize in the performance of Baroque repertoire. His career prospects as an interpreter of this literature lie at the high end.”

~George Shirley, Metropolitan Opera

“He’s an amazing singer; he’s just discovered this part of his voice.  It’s going to be a treat for our audience to hear him.  He’s on his way.”

~Deanna Relyea, Ann Arbor News

Folks loved it!”

~Keith McWatters, Toledo Symphony

“His strong musicality, striking vocal gifts, and commanding presence were immediately evident. . . . Mr. Schuetz’s gifts deserve a wider audience.”

~Mark Beudert, Eugene Opera, Notre Dame Opera

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